• Facebook Reactions Available Globally Now
    [February 26, 2016] Facebook has launched Reactions which is an extension of the Like button and gives more ways to share the reaction. Facebook stated, “Every day, people come to Facebook to discover what’s happening in their world and around the world, and to share all kinds of things, whether that’s updates that are happy, sad, funny or […]
  • Google Announced the Launch of New Site for Webmasters
    [January 26, 2016] Google announced the launch of a new website for webmasters. There, you’ll find access (and an introduction) to Search Console, Webmaster support/help center, learning resources like Webmaster Academy and guidelines, community links, the webmaster blog, an event calendar, etc.   “We spent a lot of time making this site right for you,” says Google Senior […]
  • 4 Social Strategy Lessons Learned in 2015
    [December 21, 2015] It’s hard to believe we are wrapping up another year, but before we get too far into planning for 2016, let’s take a look back at what we learned in 2015. There were many insights gained this past year, but we’ll focus on the following four topics: video, livestreaming, employee advocacy and social programs. 1. […]
  • Twitter Introduces New Animated GIF Feature
    [November 16, 2015] Twitter introduced a new animated GIF feature called ScratchReel. The company tweeted out an example, asking users if they’ve spotted one yet. You’ll have to go to the tweet on Twitter to actually check out the functionality. Basically, you can just drag back and forth on the image to rewind and fast forward it. It’s […]
  • Websites Can Now Let Visitors Know When They Are Broadcasting On Periscope
    [October 13, 2015] If your business uses Twitter’s recently launched live streaming service Periscope (or plans to give it a shot at some point in the future), you’ll be happy to know that you now have an easy way to alert your website visitors when you’re live.
  • Google Entices Webmasters To Use Structured Markup
    [September 14, 2015] Historically, Google hasn’t counted structured markup as a ranking signal in search results. I’ve always found this somewhat surprising considering how actively they’ve encouraged webmasters to use it, but based on what the company has said on occasion, it has not been included in the over 200 signals. Now, Google is implying that this could […]
  • SEO Secrets Every Blogger Should Know
    [August 20, 2015] Is there really such as a thing as an SEO secret these days? Possibly not, but there are a few white hat practices that bloggers tend to overlook. Blogging is all about sharing your knowledge, but it’s also a great way to drive traffic to your website and raise your online profile.
  • ‘View Insights’ And ‘Watch Later’ are Being Tested by Facebook
    [July 20, 2015] Facebook is always testing new features. Sometimes they eventually roll out to everyone. Sometimes they don’t. In the case of both of these features, users would only stand to benefit.
  • Bing Finally Encrypts Search Data
    [June 18, 2015] Microsoft announced that Bing will start encrypting search traffic by default meaning that like much of your Google traffic in Google Analytics, you’ll start seeing “not provided” for query data from Bing.
  • The [Keyword] Is Out There
    [May 19, 2015] As The X-Files told us every week for 9 years, “The Truth Is Out There”. Of course that can mean anything and for this post the truth I’m talking about is keywords.
  • Yahoo Proposes Plan For Search Performance
    [April 27, 2015] Yahoo reported is Q1 financial results on Tuesday with revenues of $1.04 billion, down from $1.08 billion from the same period last year. The company missed on the bottom line and on net revenue, but the search business has clearly received a major injection of new life thanks to the company’s partnership with Mozilla.
  • Facebook Launches New Collaborative Video Sharing Service – Riff
    [April 6, 2015] Facebook launched a new app called Riff, which it describes as a “creative tool” for making videos with friends. And no, it doesn’t appear to be an April Fools’ Day joke. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s less of a joke than Slingshot. The app is actually available for both Android […]
  • Can Twitter Implement Video as well as Facebook?
    [March 16, 2015] Video has become huge for Facebook, and Twitter is hoping it can follow a similar path. Autoplay has certainly lent itself well to Facebook’s success, and it sounds like Twitter is about to follow suit. While Twitter video is still new to users, the company introduced Promoted Video for advertisersback in August after months of […]
  • Are You Having Problems With HTTPS URLs in Google Results?
    [March 13, 2015] Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, announced on Google+ that over 80% of the eligible HTTPS URLs are not being displayed in Google’s search results as HTTPS URLs, instead they are showing up as HTTP URLs simply because of webmaster configuration.
  • The ABCs of Social Media
    [February 23, 2015] My son’s first year in school is going pretty well, and because it’s time for me to do another post here at Vizion, I thought I’d follow my post about the ABCs of SEO with the ABCs of social media. Oh, and for the curious, my son does know his ABCs.
  • Google is Requesting New Ideas for its Webmaster Tools
    [January 19, 2015] Google is once again calling on webmasters for ideas on how to improve Google Search and Webmaster Tools. The company put out a brief Google+ updateearly this morning: What would you like to see from Google Websearch & Webmaster Tools in 2015?
  • What is Social Media Marketing?
    [December 16, 2014] For years, I struggled to explain to my mom what I do for a living. Now, I struggle to explain what I do for a living to my friends. The onus is on me because I am the expert in communications. I have been putting together my company’s capabilities deck and have really had to […]
  • Google Might Have Additional Problems With Search Engine Link Removal Around The Globe
    [November 18, 2014] Links removed from Google’s European search engines may end up having to be removed from Google’s other search engines. As you may know, Google has been removing links from its European search results because of what has come to be known as the “Right to Be Forgotten” law. The law enables people to request Google […]
  • Weekly Infographic: Creating an Optimized Content Strategy!
    [October 21, 2014] Do you know that B2B companies that blog see 67% rise in leads per month than the companies who don’t. However, to get benefited from content, you need an optimized content strategy. From identification of business goals to analysis, there are several steps involved. The infographic by Intergage Web Marketing will help you in creating […]
  • 5 Tips For Building Quality Links
    [October 1, 2014] Link building is a unique niche requiring specific traits and tricks to create the optimum outcome. Companies need good link builders to help them gain exposure in their industry and throughout the web. As a link builder, it seems easy to stay sharp on technique and strategy, but sometimes it’s good to assess your position […]
  • Social Business Reality Check: the elusive executive support
    [September 9, 2014] Many change management and social business consultants will tell you this: to ensure success in your social business implementation, you must get broad executive support. It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? You look across the landscape of social business implementations, and typically the ones that have achieved some degree of success have many key executives embracing […]
  • 3 Keys to Creating Chemistry with Your Audience
    [August 19, 2014] One of the greatest challenges in running a blog well is making sure that it reaches the right audience and elicits the desired response from them. How do we create content that resonates with our intended audience?
  • Google Plus is a Forum and Not a Social Network
    [July 29, 2014] It just occurred to me, after spending a week deep-diving intoGoogle+, that Plus is not a social network — or even a social layer — it’s a global reboot of the message board.
  • With Focus On Curation, Extend The Life Of Your Content Marketing
    [June 27, 2014] Ever have one of those dreams where you’re running a race and if you don’t win, you’ll turn into a big blue chicken? Hmm, maybe not. How about running a race only to find you never actually finish because you’re on a treadmill? That’s how a lot of marketers feel about their Sophomore content marketing […]
  • Digital Marketers Retweeted These Top 50 People The Most
    [June 5, 2014] When identifying influencers as part of your social media and content marketing program, topic match and popularity are not enough to qualify an influencer as “effective”. By effective, I mean the ability and likelihood that a person can actually inspire action amongst a community. To determine the effectiveness dimension, it’s important to use tools that […]